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They're all around us! They want to monitor us! They want to control us! They know what we read! They know what we watch! They infiltrate every aspect of our lives!
Recently disclosed...
  • It has been widely publicized by the media that the process for choosing president elect Donald Trump's cabinet has been in disarray. From the Trump Tower, Donald has claimed this to be just another over exaggeration by the main stream media.

    Trump Tower

    According to Mr. Trump, His team is calmly discussing the available candidates for each post. Calmly discussing? Take a look at this footage I was able to tap into from a one of the many security cameras.

    Hmm. It looks like the transition team likes to settle their arguments the old fashion way. I'm betting on Jeff Sessions for attorney general. He's known to have a wicked left hook (watch out Rudy Giuliani, don't hook with a hooker!)


  • Tim Tebow is one of the good guys. I guy you want to see succeed. He jumped to the rescue of a heart attack victim on his flight from Atlanta to Phoenix. He stepped in to help a fan experiencing a seizure at one of his minor league baseball games. A great guy but he just can't seem to make it to the that elite class of players in either his football or baseball career.

    Tim Tebow

    Here, at Odd Conspiracy Central, I will finally disclose the true reason. Sports is not Tim Tebow's primary career! He practices sports but not to near the extent that he practices for his main job. Tim Tebow is a Knight Templar.

    Knight Templar

    It's true, he is hear to defend mankind during the End of Days. When your choice is between being a great ballplayer or saving the world from eternal damnation, I think Tim has made the right choice.


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Conspiracies occur in every aspect of our lives but they commonly break down into a set of traditional categories:
  • Backroom deals, collusion across nations, total power corrupts totally. Bring to light the villainous actions of Politics.
  • They thrive in the shadows, some for centuries. Expose the intrigues of these Secret Organizations.
  • Across the universe, they're investigating us. Are they just curious, are they making sure we do not become an intergalactic threat, or are we their biological experiment? What do the Aliens want from us?
  • You can lock your doors, you can lower your blinds, but you always know They're Watching.
  • The ghosts, the demons, the witches, the archaic texts, and the constant cover-up of the Supernatural.
  • Famous people and their infamous deeds. Even Celebrities can't hide from the truth.
  • Some stories have a beginning, middle, and an end, but some stories seem to just keep evolving. These stories might be called Neverending Stories. Create a new or add to an existing story. What is the plot? Who are the characters? You never know as users add one post to the next.
  • Not all conspiracies fall into a category. Unmask these Unclassifiable conspiracies.
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My ex-wife, Jane Doe, is in league with the devil.
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Hillary Clinton secretly raises campaign funds by renting Bill to bachelorette parties.
Donald Trump secretly raises campaign funds by teaching anger management classes.
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Agents from the Zmofgaf galaxy have infiltrated Earths aluminum industry to remove key alloys that are required for tinfoil hats to be effective.
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