Often the brightest stars have the darkest secrets...

Ryan Gosling, is famous for his roles as Noah in "The Notebook", the creepy Richard Haywood in "Murder by Numbers", and his newest, Sebastian in "La La Land". He is also known to be quite the musician.

Ryan Gosling

But what you don't know is he likes to hop on his bike, incognito, and cruise up the California coastline. Don't believe me? Check out this rare footage of him in an impromptu concert at El Capitan State Beach:

Sorry to blow your cover Ryan but the truth must be told. Don't let it stop you though. Just get your motor runnin',  head out on the highway. You were born to be wild Ryan.


Henry Williams claims to be Justin Bieber's greatest and oldest fan. In fact, Henry moved to Calabasas to be as close as possible to his idol. Apparently being a superfan was not enough to excuse Henry sneaking a selfie with Justin at the Sagebrush Cantina and posting it to Facebook.

Selfie Stick

After various threatening posts to his account, Mr. Williams thought it best to beat a hasty retreat out of town. It looks like it wasn't hasty enough. See for yourself how Justin Bieber deals with unauthorized photographers from this exclusive footage:

High price for a selfie! How do I know this was Justin Bieber's doing? Justin had mistakenly left the camera on his Samsung Galaxy 7 recording and I was able to hack this film from his Google Drive account before it was quickly deleted. A cautionary tale for aggressive fan selfie seekers.