The cities from around the world.

  • Casablanca

    Country: Morocco
    Province / State: Casablanca-Settat
    Population: 3.3 million

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    Casablanca was originally named Anfa, later renamed to Casa Branca, and finally renamed to Casablanca. It just wouldn't be the same if Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman starred in the film "Anfa".


  • Dingboche

    Country: Nepal
    Province / State: Sagarmatha Zone
    Population: 200

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    Dingboche is the city with the highest altitude (4,410 meters / 14,470 feet) in Nepal. It is a common acclimatization point for climbers on their way to Mount Everest, Ama Dablam or Imja Tse.


  • Truth or Consequences

    Country: United States
    Province / State: New Mexico
    Population: 6 thousand

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    Truth or Consequences changed it's name from Hot Springs in 1950 as a publicity scheme to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Ralph Edwards' successful game show on NBC radio.

    Truth or Consequences

  • San Pedro

    Country: Belize
    Province / State: Ambergris Caye
    Population: 16 thousand

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    One of the gateways to the Great Blue Hole. So many visitors are divers that there is even a hyperbaric decompression chamber.

    San Pedro

  • Argos

    Country: Greece
    Province / State: Peloponnese
    Population: 22 thousand

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    Argos is considered one of, if not the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. It was initially settled in the 6th to 5th millennium BC.


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  • Hayingen

    Country: Germany
    Province / State: Baden-Wurttemberg
    Population: 2 thousand

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    There are no cars in the entire town.


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  • Niamey

    Country: Niger
    Province / State: Niamey Urban Community
    Population: 770 thousand

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    Niamey is the capital of Niger and hosts the largest mosque in the country, the Grand Mosque of Niamey.


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  • Abu Dhabi

    Country: United Arab Emirates
    Population: 1.5 million

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    Abu Dhabi is one of, if not the richest city in the world.

    Abu Dhabi

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