The cities from around the world.

  • Batman

    Country: Turkey
    Province / State: Batman
    Population: 348 thousand

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    No, the city is not named after the caped crusader, it's named after the Batman river.


  • Warborough

    Country: United Kingdom
    Province / State: South Oxfordshire
    Population: 900

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    In the TV series Midsomer Murders, the Six Bells pub is featured as the Black Swan in the fictional Midsomer village of Badger's Drift.

    The Six Bells

  • Steveston of Richmond

    Country: Canada
    Province / State: British Columbia
    Population: 174 thousand Richmond

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    Steveston village is a historic salmon canning center that has been absorbed into Richmond. It is now famous as the fictional Maine town of Storybrooke for the television series "Once Upon A Time".


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    Kjell Joran Hansen
  • Furnace Creek

    Country: United States
    Province / State: California
    Population: 24

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    Furnace Creek is the location of the visitor center, museum, and headquarters of the Death Valley National Park. The elevation of the town is 190 feet / 58 meters below sea level.

    Death Valley

  • New Orleans

    Country: United States
    Province / State: Louisiana
    Population: 389 thousand

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    Because New Orleans is built on a swamp, the deceased have to be buried above ground in elaborate stone crypts and mausoleums making it one of the few places where cemeteries are a major tourist attraction.


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  • Amsterdam

    Country: Netherlands
    Province / State: North Holland
    Population: 844 thousand

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    Amsterdam is home to the Van Gogh Museum. The museum's collection is the largest collection of Van Gogh's paintings and drawings in the world.

    Van Gogh

  • Geneva

    Country: Switzerland
    Population: 198 thousand

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    Geneva is home to Jet d'Eau. Jet d'Eau, at 140 meters / 460 feet, is the world's tallest fountain. Situated at the point where Lake Geneva empties into the Rhone, it is visible throughout the city.

    Jet d'Eau

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  • Sandusky

    Country: United States
    Province / State: Ohio
    Population: 25 thousand

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    Sandusky is home to Cedar Point amusement park which is home to Valravn. At 223 feet / 68 meters, Valravn is the world's tallest roller coaster.


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