Whether they're from a distant galaxy, the Milky Way, or our own solar system, the aliens are here. Do they hide just outside our view or do they mingle among us? How do they perpetrate this global cover-up? Do they collude with our governments or is this a massive demonstration of mind control?

It's up to you, expose the aliens!

In the search for extraterrestrial life forms we may need to look back 160 million years ago. Evidence has come to my attention of a visit from giant humanoids.


During an archaeological dig at Hell Creek Montana back in the nineteen eighties, a strange crystal was found that carbon-dated to the Jurassic Period. The crystal was filed away and forgotten until I recently rediscovered it. By analyzing the strange color pattern in the crystal I discovered it to be a digital encoding of a short audio /  video clip. Warning: this film is not for the faint of heart. Watch as these violent aliens slaughter an innocent family of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

My evidence is under dispute but hopefully these homicidal spacemen will not be returning to Earth any time soon.


The crash of the UFO at Roswell New Mexico has been a mystery for years. A mystery until now! I will finally  reveal the true facts of the incident. First off, a UFO actually did crash despite the attempt to cover it up. This short film clip I was able to salvage proves it:

I was able to get the true story from sergeant Micky McGregor, M.P. retired. After a few shots of rye to loosen his tongue, he told me how he and his squad pulled an alien from the burning wreckage of it's flying saucer.  It was extremely belligerent and they were forced to lock it in the drunk tank over night. The next morning the alien, with a blistering hangover, claimed it had blacked out and didn't remember anything.

UFO Moonshine

All of a sudden another space craft from the IHP (Intergalactic Highway Patrol) removed it's cloaking and appeared, bubbles flashing, within the military base. Although the alien breathed nitrogen instead of oxygen and even after a night in the tank, it still blew a 0.18 in the nitro-breathalyzer. After a short discussion over jurisdiction the prisoner was turned over to the IHP. The alien was convicted of space piloting while drunk. It was fined 3000 gloplets, required to attend 15 AAA (Alien Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings, and issued a restricted license only allowing it to pilot from it's home planet to the Great Nebula in Orion and back.

Despite the government cover up, you may now see the sleazy details.


Are aliens hostile? Do they attack innocent people? I was able to smuggle this film clip from the safe of the Roswell Sheriff Office:

How could anyone argue that extraterrestrials are peaceful after viewing this film clip. There was, however, an audio tape apparently recorded by the alien itself. It said, and I quote:

Please forgive me! I meant no harm! I needed a suit for the gala ball at the Olympus Mons.


I thought I had landed at "Zeblatt's Big and Tall Martian Shoppe". I new I should have taken a left at the Facchini asteroid.

This entire event has been hidden from the public but I will always find the truth.

You'll only see it here on Odd Conspiracy Central. Shortly after the Juno spacecraft obtained stable orbit around Jupiter, It sent back this short film clip:

Who are they? What are they, What are they doing? Are they preparing an invasion? NASA immediately informed President Obama who put all armed forces on highest alert (DEFCON 1). Interplanetary war was narrowly avoid when the following audio message was received: "We, the peaceful inhabitants of Ganymede, are alarmed and confused by your aggressive actions. We have taken no hostile action on your space probe even after it interrupted the annual Splizzzdert family barbecue.


As we were gathering on the patio, Uncle Cribbxotw noticed your arrival while parking his RV. Please cease all hostilities or we will be forced to respond."

"P.S. In Jupiter culture, It is considered rude to film private family events without requesting prior permission."

All armed forces were ordered to stand down and the event has been classified "Top Secret". "Top Secret" except for here, your source of the truth.



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