They're Watching


The cameras are everywhere. On streets, in malls, orbiting the planet... Who or what is on the other side of these cameras? Who or what is watching us?

Don't let them hide. It's time to turn the cameras around and expose the watchers!

The Blue Agave, the primary ingredient for tequila is highly sought after and becoming scarce. In fact, Jose Cuervo has specially trained security guards to protect their Agave.


The security jobs are handed down from father to son. There have even been reports of genetic mutations from one generation to the next. The Jose Cuervo corporate talking heads deny this but it's hard to argue with this secret footage of a hapless couple accidentally stumbling upon a Jose Cuervo Agave farm.

Notice the genetically acquired distinctive morning after bloodshot eyes and pasty skin. Try and deny it now you lying Jose Cuervo corporate misleaders.


Petra, an architectural masterpiece, was created by an ancient culture called the Nabateans.


Little else is known of this civilization. You would think it would be an archaeologist's dream to uncover the secrets of this long lost society. Why aren't there any samples of art, jewelry, or even simple pottery?


When asked, excavators tend to shy away from the subject. Now, finally on Odd Conspiracy Central, the true reason will be exposed. With the help of a fifth of Johnny Black, I finally got archaeologist Bob Ballard to admit that he won't excavate Nabatean sites because of the ancient curse of the mask.

Devilish Mask

Seeking further evidence, I was able to recover this short film clip left behind by a young digger who ignored the warnings (he was never seen again):

Since I recovered this video, I have been watched. I can feel them all around me. I now believe there is a Nabatean secret society that protects their artifacts. I'm rushing this upload as I fear I will disappear like the other people who ignored the curse. At least now the truth has been told.


Our phone calls are being traced, our emails are being scanned. In the United States and across the world, like it or not, the NSA (National Security Agency) is tracking our lives.


How far will the NSA go? Here, exclusively on Odd Conspiracy Central, I am publicizing the contents of a secret report outlining "Project Nemo". The report shows blueprints for embedding micro audio / video recorders and transmitters into goldfish.


When confronted with questions about "Project Nemo" during a press conference, United States Senator Dianne Feinstein said, and I quote: "There is no direct evidence of fish manipulation within any public reports submitted to the Senate Intelligence Committee and this non-existent project is absolutely legal as recorded conversations are not stored, only the goldfish metadata."


Rupert Murdoch, head of the Fox Broadcasting Company, has been known to make some enemies.

Fox Logo

Nothing shows this more dramatically than this suppressed security footage, which at great difficulty and personal risk, I was able to obtain:

Who was behind this assassination attempt? Was it Arianna Huffington? Was it Bill Maher? Possibly Jon Stewart? Rush Limbaugh??? Rupert was preparing a liberal witch hunt until he received an untraceable email from the "I Want To Believers" stating "No Lone Gunmen, no peace!". Apparently the "I Want To Believers", a group of fans for the short lived "The Lone Gunmen" television series were not going to take the cancellation sitting down. In secret negotiations, Rupert was able to defuse the situation by guaranteeing a minimum 30% appearance rate of the Gunmen in subsequent X-Files episodes. All evidence of this incident has been suppressed as the Fox Broadcasting Company does not want to admit to negotiating with radical fans. Suppressed until now!