These conspiracies are so insidious, they defy classification.
Let it be known that no conspiracy can hide from Odd Conspiracy Central.

Who better to cover up a news story than a newspaper? The New York Times has done everything to cover up this travesty of justice but I now have the evidence to expose all the seedy details.


Maria Sanchez, an up and coming modern dancer had somehow secured the disdain of Eli Masterson, the Times dance critic. He attended all of her performances and wrote merciless reviews. Despite his efforts to derail her career, his reviews were ignored and she became increasingly more popular. In interviews, she even had the nerve to refer to him as "the dinosaur of dance". Maria had a performance at the exclusive Club Condor in Guadalajara Mexico.  Eli Masterson attended the show and here's where the cover-up began. She taunted him throughout the performance to the point where he finally cracked. This secret footage revels the events of that evening:

The senior editor had Masterson quickly smuggled out of Mexico and he now resides at the Hutchings Psychiatric Center. The New York Times denies everything. Try And deny it now!


Rogaine is a blessing for many balding men and women. It is one of the few medications that actually regrows hair.


Rogaine, a brand of Minoxidil, was primarily developed by Dr. Charles A. Chidsey. What has been hidden from the public is the initial tests were not what would be called successful. I recovered this short film clip hidden in Dr. Chidsey's old laboratory:

The poor test subject is now relegated to working sideshows as Fido, the dog faced man.


Shame on you Rogaine!


Dr. Arron Spalding, professor of Herpetology at Florida State University loves his reptiles. He especially loves crocodiles. The university has done everything possible to suppress the circumstances of his studies but he apparently let his love of crocodiles go a bit to far.

Professor Crocodile

Interspecies breeding is next to impossible but the professor met a particularly fetching young reptile and I guess the heart wants what the heart wants. Three months later junior was hatched. Dr. Spalding, being an honorable man, made his mate an honest crocodile in a short ceremony with a particularly open minded justice of the peace. Despite prejudice from both species, the couple does their best to make the marriage work. Their traditional annual family reunion is an example of their resolve. I was able to hide a camera capturing this footage of the time-honored pool party:

Just like every year, dad complains the water is to cold until junior unceremoniously throws him in. I can hear mama croc in the background. "Stop that horseplay you two, you're going to put your eye out."

A comet is named after the person or persons who discover it. Such was the case with the Peters-Hartley Comet discovered by professor Christian Peters and his graduate student Malcolm Hartley at the Whitin Observatory of Wellesley College.


What has been suppressed from the general public is that Malcom brought a date to the observatory that night. Was an injustice done? I was able to recover this film clip from a reformatted drive on one of the astronomy departments computers. You be the judge:

By all rights, it should be named Shirley's Comet. Taking credit for someone else's discovery! You two should be ashamed of yourselves!



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