The big, the small, the beautiful, the hideous, all the amazing creatures.

  • Foxes

    Foxes live on every continent except Antarctica.


  • The Big Prawn

    Ballina, Australia, claims to be the home of the biggest artificial prawn in the world.

    The Big Prawn

  • Sperm Whale

    A sperm whale can remain underwater for up to 90 minutes.

    Sperm Whale

    Creative Commons:
    Gabriel Barathieu
  • Coconut Crab

    A coconut crab's claws have a squeezing force over 3000 newtons as opposed to a human grip strength of about 300 newtons.

    Coconut Crab

  • Kitten

    Kittens have the sharpest animal claws in the world.


  • Crocodile

    A Crocodile has 60 to 72 teeth.

    Crocodile Teeth

  • Arthropleura

    Arthropleura is an extinct millipede that lived around 300 million years ago. At a length of 7 1/2 feet, it is believed to be the largest known land invertebrate of all time.


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  • Blue Whale

    A blue whale's tongue weighs about 3 tons.

    Blue Whale