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  • The Montage Laguna Beach is considered one of, if not the most luxurious resort in the city of Laguna Beach, California.

    Beach Resort

    What you won't find on their website or in their brochures is their closely guarded, deadly secret: The resort encroaches on the territory of a deadly, primordial, humanoid / amphibian horror creature of death. Impossible you say? Let me share with you my newly discovered sad story of the demise of distinguished British vacationer Sir Edmund Highminded Stuckupman. He thought he was going to an exclusive black tie affair, little did he know it was a black tie affair of grisly sea monster bloody fangs and clawing death. So you don't believe me? It's hard to argue with this exclusive security footage I have obtained from an anonymous resort employee (even under threat of torture, I will never reveal his / her name).

    I have edited out the last of this footage as it is far to grisly for this forum. How is it possible that the resort can keep these guest sacrifices secret? Patrons were carefully selected, men and women with no close family ties beyond the desire for their inheritances. In short, people who would not be missed.

    OK, but there are only so many murders that can be covered up. By accident, a deterrent was found for the creatures murderess rampages. That deterrent is:



    It was found that the only way to keep the creature from slaking its thirst for blood was to slake its thirst for Tequila. The resort, of course, denies all of this. Deny as they will, how do they explain the sacrificial pitcher of margaritas that are left religiously on the beach every evening!


  • With the makeup of the supreme court, the Trump administration is expecting to nominate new candidates.

    Supreme Court

    How are these candidates vetted? Here, at Odd Conspiracy Central, I am disclosing proof of The Donald Trump Supreme Court Training Camp! That's right, a remote training and reeducation camp located just outside Clayton, Idaho (population 7) where potential justices endure a rigorous schedule of opinion forming exercises. Impossible you say? It's hard to argue with this exclusive footage of a future judge chopping the log of political correctness:

    Conformity is a requirement. Each night the candidates sit around the camp fire and sing their theme song:

    Note I'm a Supreme Court candidate and I'm OK, I sleep all night and I adjudicate all day... Note

    Now that's some judicial bonding.


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  • The ghosts, the demons, the witches, the archaic texts, and the constant cover-up of the Supernatural.
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Agents from the Zmofgaf galaxy have infiltrated Earths aluminum industry to remove key alloys that are required for tinfoil hats to be effective.
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