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  • The more things change, the more they stay the same. We all know Bill Clinton tends to take advantage of his interns but we never knew it's history.

    Bill Clinton

    Now, with this newly found footage, we can see Hot Springs High School student counsel president Bill Clinton (everybody called him Cal back then) interviewing a new intern:

    Need we say more?


  • Politics makes for strange bedfellows but I don't remember any as strange as this. Revealed here first on Odd Conspiracy Central, Maxine Waters from the United States House of Representatives and Ted Cruz from the United States Senate have joined together to form the Commu-fasci-dema-repubcan party.

    Maxine and Ted

    Maxine and Ted aren't confirming or denying but I was able to gather this information from an anonymous source at the House Intelligence Committee. My source informed me the information was obtained using a "perfectly legal" phone interception. Apparently the current political climate has convinced Maxine and Ted that they can unify the extreme elements from both sides of the spectrum to the Commu-fasci-dema-repubcans (also known as "The Coalition of Constitutional Chaos"). Even more surprising is their chosen 2020 presidential candidate:

    Alice Cooper

    Alice Cooper

    When asked about his qualifications to receive this nomination, Alice was heard to say "Hey, you got me, I'm just happy to get the gig".


  • Henry Williams claims to be Justin Bieber's greatest and oldest fan. In fact, Henry moved to Calabasas to be as close as possible to his idol. Apparently being a superfan was not enough to excuse Henry sneaking a selfie with Justin at the Sagebrush Cantina and posting it to Facebook.

    Selfie Stick

    After various threatening posts to his account, Mr. Williams thought it best to beat a hasty retreat out of town. It looks like it wasn't hasty enough. See for yourself how Justin Bieber deals with unauthorized photographers from this exclusive footage:

    High price for a selfie! How do I know this was Justin Bieber's doing? Justin had mistakenly left the camera on his Samsung Galaxy 7 recording and I was able to hack this film from his Google Drive account before it was quickly deleted. A cautionary tale for aggressive fan selfie seekers.


  • There has been a recent rash of disappearances across the world. Young women disappearing from nightclubs. Why haven't you heard of this? The mainstream media has apparently been covering it up for "our own protection" and to "avoid panic". Who are they actually protecting? Certainly not us! Don't believe me? I have proof:


    This is the insidious "Flashlight of Lust", a device that renders the female gender totally helpless. From security footage I was able to recover, watch this dangerous tool in use:

    WHAT WAS THAT THING? It is one of a black-ops secret bio-engineering experiment for the new super-solder, a Fork-tongued Gerbilman. By disclosing this, I've become a hunted man. Now YOU know. Beware, they're always watching, they may be hunting you!!