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  • Tim Tebow is one of the good guys. I guy you want to see succeed. He jumped to the rescue of a heart attack victim on his flight from Atlanta to Phoenix. He stepped in to help a fan experiencing a seizure at one of his minor league baseball games. A great guy but he just can't seem to make it to the that elite class of players in either his football or baseball career.

    Tim Tebow

    Here, at Odd Conspiracy Central, I will finally disclose the true reason. Sports is not Tim Tebow's primary career! He practices sports but not to near the extent that he practices for his main job. Tim Tebow is a Knight Templar.

    Knight Templar

    It's true, he is hear to defend mankind during the End of Days. When your choice is between being a great ballplayer or saving the world from eternal damnation, I think Tim has made the right choice.


  • Britney Spears continues a stellar career but in the year 2007, for no apparent reason, her life seemed to spiral out of control. I will now reveal to you the true cause of her personality issues. Here is the story of the doomed secret Apollo 18 mission.

    Apollo 18

    Britney had always dreamed of becoming an astronaut and in 2006 she finally got her chance. President George W. Bush, a huge Britney fan, signed her on as one of the crew for the top secret Apollo 18 moon mission. So you don't believe me? Try arguing with this short suppressed footage:

    Why are they not wearing space suits you ask? This was the first test of an experimental lunar terrestrial dome. All went well until an unknown toxic gas began leaking from the strange glowing rocks. The effects were immediate and devastating. The crew began displaying manic behavior and Britney was the only one to escape with most of her sanity intact. The other astronauts on this mission are sadly confined to mental institutions. The story of these brave space explorers was never meant to see the light of day but I reveal it to you here at Odd Conspiracy Central.


  • Breaking a Verizon wireless contract is impossible. No one has ever done it, there's no reason to even try.


    At least that's what Verizon wants you to believe. What you won't here about is Tommy Terino. Tommy  was not satisfied with his service and decided he was going to break his contract no matter what. Impossible you say? Decide after you view this suppressed security footage of Tommy visiting the highly fortified Verizon Wireless store in Sante Fe New Mexico:

    So you CAN break your Verizon contract but I recommend military training.


  • Anthony Weiner just can't seem to control himself. Give him a camera and it's Weiner on the net. One thing about Anthony, he is resilient. With all the scandal his political options are limited but he is currently running for Suffolk County Animal Control Chief.

    Nine Dogs

    Hey, you've got to work yourself back from somewhere. I wish him all the luck but it looks like his sexting proclivity is going to get in the way again. I was able to sneak out a pre-release of his campaign poster.

    Wiener Poster

    Anthony, get hold of yourself (NO, not literally!!) I know it's an obsession but you're running out of chances.