Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble. Covens, satanic cults, poltergeists, vampires, werewolves...

Bring these supernatural threats out of the shadows.

Everybody knows Henny Penny from "The Sky Is Falling" incident but very few know of her failed music career.


Henny had longed to be a human being and finally her fairy godmother hen granted her wish. What surprised everyone was her excellent singing voice. Shortly after her transformation, an A and R man from Parrot Records picked up her act at The Roxy and immediately signed her for her first album. Here is some rare footage of Henny at her most popular:

Henny's hit single "Buk Buk Braak" shot to number 10 with a bullet on the Billboard charts and it seemed the sky (before it started falling) was the limit. But everything came to a halt when the Hollywood tabloid "The Barnyard Examiner" released evidence that Henny had abandoned a dozen eggs in her nest (the orphan chicks were placed in the foster coop system). The fan backlash was immediate and Henny was reduced to hanging out in bars and making guest appearances on daytime game shows. There were now rumors of roosters in and out of her hotel room like a revolving door and her fairy godmother hen finally was forced to change her back to a chicken for her own good.

Well, that's showbiz.


Beautiful young Mary Richards had just moved to Littleton Illinois. Fresh out of college, she was beginning her broadcast career at WGNV channel 5 as a roving reporter (she might just make it after all). After reporting on a particularly moving story on how Champ had saved grandpa Walton from a well, she was driving back to the station in the Live Eye Van and decided to stop at the local grocery store to pick up a few essentials. Words might not be able to describe what she saw but this film clip will:

After a narrow escape, she immediately called the FBI to report the zombie outbreak. The FBI informed the NSA. The NSA informed the URTL (so secret I don't even know what the initials stand for). The town of Littleton was cluster bombed and erased from the map.

As the cleanup crew scoured the remains of the town to eliminate any remaining zombies, a semi-intact flyer was found. In bold print the flyer advertised "Tonight only at Antonio's Grocery, fine wine and carpaccio tasting".


The cover up immediately went into high gear. Roadblocks were set and the destruction of the town was blamed on a freak tornado. I am now finally bringing you the truth. How could they possibly think these upstanding citizens were eating human flesh? By the way, could I get some fava beans and a nice chianti with that?


I travel. I Explore. Sometimes I just hop in my car and go. I especially like the back roads. That's how I found myself in Placerville Idaho. I was tired from a long day of driving so I stopped for the night. Before bed, I stepped into "The Rusty Ax Bar and Grill" for a quick beer. Grabbing a bar stool, I ordered up a pint of Payette Pale Ale and checked out the latest conspiracy on my trusty Samsung Galaxy S6 using that incredible "Odd Conspiracy of the Day" App. All of a sudden came a voice over my shoulder: "You think that's odd? You don't know odd. I can tell you odd." His name was Sean O'Flannery, a grizzled old retired logger. I ordered up a couple more pints and Sean began his narrative:

It was coming up on sunset, I was checking out one last valley when I came across "The Tree".

Fairy Tree

It was huge! I had never seen it's like before. I figured it must be worth a fortune. I pulled out my ax and started chopping. The wood was incredibly hard but so was my will to bring it down. Finally, with one last mighty blow, the tree began to fall. Suddenly I was deafened by screams. They came from everywhere. The forest around me, the sky above me, and the ground below me. As the tree died, so did the screams. There was silence. Complete silence. No birds, no insects, complete silence. Then she appeared. She was beautiful, an unearthly beauty but with such a deep sadness, it sucked the light from my soul. I don't know how but I understood that the fairy and the tree's lives were intertwined. One could not live without the other. What had I done? As I knelt with my head hanging, her soft voice broke the silence. As she slowly faded, she sang her final farewell to her blessed tree.

I've been searching ever sense, for over thirty years now. I've been searching but in my heart I know I will never find "The Tree" again. I just don't want to admit to myself what I've done. I killed them, both the last of their kind.

We finished our last pints in silence. In the morning I got back on the road.


The sanatorium, long abandoned, considered a blight in the otherwise peaceful little town of Arkham. The horrors that occurred in this notorious asylum are infamous. Evil practitioners of cruel experiments tormented their captive patients until the inmates finally rose up and turned the tables on their captors. The asylum personnel's screams were heard throughout Arkham that horrible night and none survived. The few remaining patients were quietly moved to other institutions and the Asylum remains boarded up to this day.


The Arkham Sanatorium has been closed for years now but the townsfolk swear that if you stand outside the asylum gates around midnight, you will sometimes hear the insane laughter of the inmates past. Finding this hard to believe, I ventured outside the gates at midnight and, to my horror, I heard a maniacal shrieking coming from the asylum! I can not tell a lie, I ran away! The next morning I gathered up my courage, snuck into the asylum, and planted a hidden camera. The camera experienced technical problems but I was still able to grab enough footage to solve the mystery. A short audio clip was recorded directly before the video and I quote ". . . This is wonderful but what I really wanted was a 12 inch pianist."

With a little research, I found an advertisement for an amateur comedy night and kegger called "Hilarity at the Asylum" on the Facebook page of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority chapter of Miskatonic University. As Alpha Delta Pi is on double secret probation, any party is grounds for suspension so their influential parents are willing to do anything to suppress this story. Sorry sisters, the truth must be told.