They're Watching


The cameras are everywhere. On streets, in malls, orbiting the planet... Who or what is on the other side of these cameras? Who or what is watching us?

Don't let them hide. It's time to turn the cameras around and expose the watchers!

There has been a recent rash of disappearances across the world. Young women disappearing from nightclubs. Why haven't you heard of this? The mainstream media has apparently been covering it up for "our own protection" and to "avoid panic". Who are they actually protecting? Certainly not us! Don't believe me? I have proof:


This is the insidious "Flashlight of Lust", a device that renders the female gender totally helpless. From security footage I was able to recover, watch this dangerous tool in use:

WHAT WAS THAT THING? It is one of a black-ops secret bio-engineering experiment for the new super-solder, a Fork-tongued Gerbilman. By disclosing this, I've become a hunted man. Now YOU know. Beware, they're always watching, they may be hunting you!!