Useless Information

Useless Information

All the information that you never needed to know.

  • The Knotted Gun Sculpture

    The Knotted Gun sculpture, also known as Non-Violence, is located in New York City at the United Nations headquarters. Carl Fredrik Reutersward created it in memory of John Lennon's murder.

    The Knotted Gun Sculpture

  • Forked Tongue

    Reptiles smell using the tips of their tongue. A forked tongue lets them sense which direction the smell is coming from.

    Forked Tongue

  • Barbados Threadsnake

    At 4 inches, the Barbados threadsnake is the smallest snake in the world.

    Barbados Threadsnake

  • Philippine Eagle

    The Philippine eagle is the national bird of the Philippines. Killing one is punishable by a sentence of twelve years in prison.

    Philippine Eagle

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  • Ocean Sunfish

    An ocean sunfish can lay up to 300 million eggs in a single spawning.

    Ocean Sunfish

  • Virginia Beach

    Virginia Beach, Virginia, is sunny and beautiful but an influx of foxes and feral hogs that attack tourists and their pets has made it one of the more dangerous beaches in the world.

    Virginia Beach

  • Roughest Stretch of Ocean

    The Drake Passage is considered the roughest stretch of ocean in the world. It is the corridor between South America's Cape Horn and the South Shetland Islands of Antarctic.

    Roughest Stretch of Ocean

  • Electric Chair

    Alfred P. Southwick is credited with inventing the electric chair. He also was a steam boat engineer and a dentist.

    Electric Chair