Useless Information

Useless Information

All the information that you never needed to know.

  • Tiger

    There isn't an offical phobia name for the fear of tigers.


  • Dirham

    The dirham is the currency of Morocco.


  • Ornithophobia

    Ornithophobia is the fear of birds.


  • Leo Dale Pittman

    Leo Dale Pittman was a child molester and a sociopath who committed suicide in prison in 1969. He was also the father of Aileen Wuornos, the serial killer sentenced to death for six murders and executed by lethal injection on October 9, 2002.

    Leo Dale Pittman

  • Joey Ramone

    Joey Ramone, the lead singer of The Ramones, sadly died of lymphoma on April 15, 2001. His solo album "Don't Worry About Me" was released after his death in 2002 featuring the cover single "What a Wonderful World".

    Joey Ramone

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  • Syd Barret

    Syd Barret, the original lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for the band Pink Floyd was believed to have suffered from schizophrenia.

    Syd Barret

  • Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln was known to take mercury pills, possibly to treat a syphilis infection.

    Abraham Lincoln

  • Albania Bunkers

    Over 700,000 bunkers were built in Albania before the collapse of communism, one for every four citizens.

    Albania Bunker

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