Useless Information

Useless Information

All the information that you never needed to know.

  • Musophobia

    Musophobia is the fear of mice and rats.


  • Great Red Spot

    The Great Red Spot is a storm in the atmosphere of Jupiter which has arguably existed for at least 350 years.

    Great Red Spot

  • Ommetaphobia

    Ommetaphobia is the fear of eyes.


  • Cognac

    Cognac brandy is distilled from Ugni Blanc grapes with small portions of Colombard and Folle Blanche allowed. It is double distilled in copper pot stills and aged at least two years in Limousin or Troncais oak barrels.


  • Venetian Blinds

    Venetian blinds are believed to have originated in Persia.

    Venetian Blinds

  • Naviphobia

    Naviphobia is the fear of boats.


  • Lipstick

    Ancient Sumerians crushed gemstones and used them to decorate their lips about 5,000 years ago. Cleopatra crushed bugs to create a red color for her lips.


  • Scopophobia

    Scopophobia is the fear of being looked at.

    Looked At

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