Useless Information

Useless Information

All the information that you never needed to know.

  • Rabbit Out Of Hat

    The first magician to pull a rabbit out of a hat was Louis Comte in 1814.

    Rabbit Out Of Hat

  • Propeller Beanie

    The original propeller beanie was invented in 1947 by science fiction author Ray Faraday Nelson. His 1963 short story "Eight O'Clock in the Morning" was used by John Carpenter for his 1988 film "They Live".

    Propeller Beanie

  • Twinkies

    Twinkies were invented in Schiller Park, Illinois on April 6, 1930, by James Alexander Dewar. They were initially filled with banana cream but when bananas were rationed during World War II, they switched to vanilla cream.


  • Keven Bacon

    Keven Bacon's first feature film was Animal House (1978). He played the obnoxious Omega Theta Pi pledge Chip Diller.

    Keven Bacon

  • Babka

    A Babka, also known as Kulich, is a spongy yeast cake with a vanilla or chocolate icing and almonds, chocolate or candied fruit filling.


  • m&m's

    m&m's were released in 1941 by Mars, Incorporated. The candy coating allowed soldiers to carry chocolate without having it melt. "m&m's melt in your mouth, not in your hand."


  • Robert Duvall

    Robert Duvall's first feature film was the 1962 Oscar winning "To Kill a Mockingbird". (spoiler alert) He played reclusive Boo Radley, the eventual hero of the film.

    Boo Radley

  • Clint Eastwood

    Clint Eastwood's first movie was Revenge of the Creature (1955). Revenge of the Creature was the first sequel to Creature from the Black Lagoon. Clint played Jennings, the lab assistant with the rat in his pocket.

    Revenge of the Creature