Often the brightest stars have the darkest secrets...

Madonna has a huge fan base in Japan making for very successful tours. She performs as often as her schedule allows.


There is an ulterior motive for her frequent visits. Madonna is a HUGE sushi fan!


This is the Madonna specialized sushi favorite that she doesn't want you to know about, "Kobe Self Serve Sushi". This very expensive (110,000 yen per person) exclusive style is available by appointment only to a fashionable clientele. All patrons are sworn to secrecy and there is no photography allowed. Even with this security in place, I was able to recover this film clip from a partially destroyed microSD card of Madonna and her entourage enjoying a lunch special.

I'm sorry Madonna, I understand you would rather keep this from your public but the truth must be revealed.

This is known by very few people but Wolfgang Puck was going to open a new Spago in Jakarta Indonesia. Before the opening there was an invitation only preview available to a select gathering of international celebrities. The menu was excellent, the wine selections perfectly matched, and the service personnel flawless. After the meal, dessert was served.

Creme Torch

This is when disaster struck. Wolfgang insisted on personally searing the Creme Brulee. Apparently he was a bit out of practice as shown by this security camera footage I was able to acquire.

The restaurant is shuttered now with no evidence left of it's association with Wolfgang Puck or Spago. No evidence until now!


Jon Bon Jovi is a superstar. With the amount of media attention he receives, you probably think you know everything there is about him.

Jon Bon Jovi

Here's one thing you don't know and I'm sure something Jon doesn't want you to know. In his younger years, he was an extreme camper otherwise known as a survivalist. Don't believe me? Try explaining this film clip I have acquired:

Jon would have a helicopter drop him in the middle of a forest with no supplies. He would then survive his way back to civilization. Jon caught his food with his bare hands and would eat it raw. He would fashion his clothes from the skins of the creatures he captured. This was probably considered to intense for his fans which is why he kept it a secret. Sorry Jon, the truth must be told.


Probably one of the most persistent conspiracy theories is that the king, Elvis Presley, is still alive.


Finally, here exclusively on Odd Conspiracy Central, I will show the proof. Picture a beautiful Greek wedding, the newly weds Salomao and Gabrielle Papadopoulos and their families enjoying the outdoor reception on a perfect spring afternoon. Suddenly a drunken Elvis and his little dog Cilla stumble into the festivities. Unbelievable? Take a look at this film clip:

Elvis' handlers quickly hustled him out and gathered up all evidence he was there. Luckily I was able to upload this video to my iCload account before they confiscated my phone. As Elvis was dragged from the building, I heard him utter those famous words: "Thank ya, thank you very much".