The cities from around the world.

  • Three Rivers

    Country: United States
    Province / State: California
    Population: 2 thousand

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    Three Rivers is located in the Kaweah River canyon, just above Lake Kaweah. It is the gateway to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, home of the giant Sequoia trees.

    General Sherman Tree

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  • Alice Springs

    Country: Australia
    Province / State: Northern Territory
    Population: 27 thousand

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    Alice Springs hosts the annual "Camel Cup", a camel racing festival at Blatherskite Park.

    Alice Springs

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  • Vestmannaeyjar

    Country: Iceland
    Province / State: South Constituency
    Population: 4 thousand

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    In 1973, the eruption of Eldfell destroyed many buildings and forced a months-long evacuation of the entire population to mainland Iceland. One fifth of the town was destroyed before 6.8 billion liters of cold sea water was sprayed halting the lava flow.


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  • Mbandaka

    Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Province / State: Equateur
    Population: 345 thousand

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    War and neglect have left large sectors of the city infrastructure with no electricity or running water. Most of the streets and avenues of the city are dirt roads.


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  • Rotorua

    Country: New Zealand
    Province / State: Bay of Plenty
    Population: 57 thousand

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    Geysers, bubbling mud pools, and hot thermal springs are all near Rotorua. Hydrogen sulfide emissions give Rotorua a rotten egg smell.


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  • Casablanca

    Country: Morocco
    Province / State: Casablanca-Settat
    Population: 3.3 million

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    Casablanca was originally named Anfa, later renamed to Casa Branca, and finally renamed to Casablanca. It just wouldn't be the same if Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman starred in the film "Anfa".


  • Dingboche

    Country: Nepal
    Province / State: Sagarmatha Zone
    Population: 200

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    Dingboche is the city with the highest altitude (4,410 meters / 14,470 feet) in Nepal. It is a common acclimatization point for climbers on their way to Mount Everest, Ama Dablam or Imja Tse.


  • Truth or Consequences

    Country: United States
    Province / State: New Mexico
    Population: 6 thousand

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    Truth or Consequences changed it's name from Hot Springs in 1950 as a publicity scheme to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Ralph Edwards' successful game show on NBC radio.

    Truth or Consequences