The cities from around the world.

  • Dubai

    Country: United Arab Emirates
    Province / State: Dubai
    Population: 3.1 million

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    The world's largest man made island is the Palm Deira in Dubai.

    Largest Man Made Island

  • Hamburg

    Country: Germany
    Province / State: Hamburg
    Population: 1.8 million

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    Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany, is the largest model railway in the world. The railway has 15,400 meters / 50,525 feet of track in HO scale.

    Largest Model Railway

  • Guatemala City

    Country: Guatemala
    Province / State: Guatemala
    Population: 2.4 million

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    In 2010, a sinkhole formed in Guatemala City that swallowed a 3 story factory. It is 65 feet / 20 meters across and 300 feet / 90 meters deep. The sinkhole was caused by Tropical Storm Agatha, the Pacaya Volcano eruption, and leakage from sewer pipes.

    Guatemala City Sinkhole

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  • Newark

    Country: United States
    Province / State: Ohio
    Population: 47 thousand

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    A giant basket building is located in Newark, Ohio.

    Basket Building

  • Brussels

    Country: Belgium
    Province / State: Flemish Community
    Population: 1.1 million

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    The Atomium is located in Brussels, Belgium.


  • Seattle

    Country: United States
    Province / State: Washington
    Population: 600 thousand

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    The Official Bad Art Museum of Art is located inside Cafe Racer in Seattle, Washington.

    Bad Art Museum Of Art

  • Liverpool

    Country: England
    Province / State: Merseyside
    Population: 490 thousand

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    La Princesse is a giant mechanical spider that traveled around Liverpool, England, in September of 2008.

    La Princesse

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  • Madrid

    Country: Spain
    Province / State: Madrid
    Population: 3 million

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    Gran elefant dret (giant standing elephant) was displayed in Madrid, Spain, in 2009.

    Gran Elefant Dret

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