These conspiracies are so insidious, they defy classification.
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Zhaoshu Island, part of the Paracel Islands, is commonly believed to be uninhabited because of the land dispute between China, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Vengeful Tree

The real reason is the vengeful attack of the, now sentient, Zhaoshu Island Ancient Cypress trees. After one campfire too many, the trees attacked with no remorse. The few survivors have been sworn to secrecy but this archival footage was accidentally released. This horrific scene is currently only viewable here:

Who doesn't love a Taco Bell taco? C'mon, we all love a Taco Bell taco.


However, in an attempt to expand their clientele, using a test market in Pismo Beach California, Taco Bell released their sushi menu.


Results weren't very favorable.

In fact, Taco Bell has paid $ millions to suppress the story but here on Odd Conspiracy Central no one can hide.


Amazon successfully delivers products all over the world but, to cut costs, they have diligently been attempting to create an automated drone to handle this job.


Although there has been an intense cover up, I now have proof that their early attempts were far from successful. I was able to intercept an internal email with this film clip attached.

With hush money totaling in the millions of dollars this incident was successfully concealed until now. The truth always eventually rises to the surface.


Who better to cover up a news story than a newspaper? The New York Times has done everything to cover up this travesty of justice but I now have the evidence to expose all the seedy details.


Maria Sanchez, an up and coming modern dancer had somehow secured the disdain of Eli Masterson, the Times dance critic. He attended all of her performances and wrote merciless reviews. Despite his efforts to derail her career, his reviews were ignored and she became increasingly more popular. In interviews, she even had the nerve to refer to him as "the dinosaur of dance". Maria had a performance at the exclusive Club Condor in Guadalajara Mexico.  Eli Masterson attended the show and here's where the cover-up began. She taunted him throughout the performance to the point where he finally cracked. This secret footage revels the events of that evening:

The senior editor had Masterson quickly smuggled out of Mexico and he now resides at the Hutchings Psychiatric Center. The New York Times denies everything. Try And deny it now!