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  • Chicken Dinner Road

    Caldwell, Idaho, has a street named "Chicken Dinner Road".

    Chicken Dinner Road

  • Parasitophobia

    Parasitophobia is the fear of parasites.


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  • Highest Cholesterol

    Beef brains, at 3100 milligrams of cholesterol per 100 grams of brain, has the highest cholesterol of any food.

    Beef Brains

  • Gourouniophobia

    Gourouniophobia is the fear of pigs.


  • Hold Your Horses

    In book 23 of Homer's Iliad, Menelaus tells Antilochus to "hold your horses" for driving his chariot dangerously during a race.


  • Saving Bigfoot

    It is illegal to kill a bigfoot in Skamania County, Washington. This crime is punishable by one year in prison and / or a one thousand dollar fine.

    Saving Bigfoot

  • Camera Shy Bunny

    It is illegal to photograph rabbits between the months of January and April in Wyoming.

    Camera Shy Bunny

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  • Cold Fish

    On the Isle of Jersey, it is illegal for a man to knit a sweater during the fishing season.

    Cold Fish