The big, the small, the beautiful, the hideous, all the amazing creatures.

  • Giant Grasshoppers

    The Enchanted Highway in North Dakota is the location of Gary Greff's giant grasshoppers scrap metal sculptures.

    Giant Grasshoppers

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  • Tommy the Turtle

    At 30 feet, Tommy the turtle claims to be the world's tallest turtle riding the world's largest snowmobile. He is located in Bottineau, North Dakota.

    Tommy the Turtle

  • Skeleton Man Walking Skeleton Dinosaur

    Skeleton man walking skeleton dinosaur is a giant sculpture located in Murdo, South Dakota

    Skeleton Man Walking Skeleton Dinosaur

  • Largest Killer Bee

    The world's largest killer bee is located just outside Hidalgo, Texas.

    Largest Killer Bee

  • The Big Prawn

    Ballina, Australia, claims to be the home of the biggest artificial prawn in the world.

    The Big Prawn

  • Ms. Pearl the Squirrel

    At 14 feet tall, Ms. Pearl the Squirrel claims to be the world's largest squirrel statue. She is located at Berdoll Pecan Candy & Gift Company in Cedar Creek, Texas.

    Ms. Pearl the Squirrel

  • Tate Spider

    London, England, is the location of the Tate Spider, a giant sculpture called "Maman" by Louise Bourgeois.

    Tate Spider

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  • The Headington Shark

    Oxford, England, is the home of the giant Headington Shark sculpture.

    The Headington Shark

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