The big, the small, the beautiful, the hideous, all the amazing creatures.

  • Skeleton Man Walking Skeleton Dinosaur

    Skeleton man walking skeleton dinosaur is a giant sculpture located in Murdo, South Dakota

    Skeleton Man Walking Skeleton Dinosaur

  • Largest Killer Bee

    The world's largest killer bee is located just outside Hidalgo, Texas.

    Largest Killer Bee

  • The Big Prawn

    Ballina, Australia, claims to be the home of the biggest artificial prawn in the world.

    The Big Prawn

  • Ms. Pearl the Squirrel

    At 14 feet tall, Ms. Pearl the Squirrel claims to be the world's largest squirrel statue. She is located at Berdoll Pecan Candy & Gift Company in Cedar Creek, Texas.

    Ms. Pearl the Squirrel

  • Tate Spider

    London, England, is the location of the Tate Spider, a giant sculpture called "Maman" by Louise Bourgeois.

    Tate Spider

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  • The Headington Shark

    Oxford, England, is the home of the giant Headington Shark sculpture.

    The Headington Shark

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  • Monkey Parchment Coffee

    Monkey Parchment coffee is coffee made from beans that have been chewed up and spat out by Rhesus monkeys. It is priced at about $300 a pound.

    Rhesus Monkey

  • Woolgathering

    Woolgathering is defined as purposeless thinking or daydreaming. The saying comes from the 16th century and literally means "gathering fragments of wool torn from sheep by bushes".