The big, the small, the beautiful, the hideous, all the amazing creatures.

  • Puss Caterpillar

    The puss caterpillar has painful venomous spines with symptoms comparable to a jellyfish sting.

    Puss Caterpillar

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  • Reef Stonefish

    The reef stonefish is the most venomous fish in the world. The poison is injected from 13 spines in the dorsal fin.

    Reef Stonefish

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  • Platypus

    A male platypus injects poison through spurs on the ankles of it's hind legs. It is not lethal to humans but very painful.


  • Largest Canine Teeth

    The hippopotamus has the largest canine teeth of any land mammal even though it's an herbivore.


  • Water Hemlock

    Water hemlock is considered the most violently toxic plant in North America. It contains cicutoxin which causes convulsions, abdominal cramps, nausea, and death. Survivors are commonly plagued with amnesia and tremors.

    Water Hemlock

  • Death Cap

    The death cap mushroom contains the poison alpha-amanitin. Alpha-amanitin causes fatal liver damage in 1 to 3 days after the mushroom is eaten.

    Death Cap

  • Webcap

    The deadly webcap and the fool's webcap contain the poison orellanin. If untreated, the poison causes kidney failure and death if a kidney transplant is not available.


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  • Zebra Stripes

    Zebra stripes are like human fingerprints, no two zebras have the same stripe pattern.

    Zebra Stripes