Frequently Asked Questions


Why can't I delete my post?
Deleting a post will delete all subsequent replies or cause a loss of continuity in a story. This may only be done by an administrator. If you are a registered user, you may edit your post (for example, change the text to "Delete me.")
How do I raise my user access level?
User access levels are primarily set to avoid spammers. Once your posts show you follow the rules and are not a spammer, your access level will automatically increase. You may also edit your previous posts using your new user abilities. If you are actively posting and feel you've earned a higher level, send a Contact (no one will be offended.) Be aware that your user will be deleted without notice if you post any spam or malicious links.
Can I upload images and videos?
No, but you can embed a URL (Photobucket for example) as long as your user access level allows it.