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  • Quetzalcoatl, worshiped by the Aztecs centuries ago, has long been considered just a myth. How could this creature possibly hide among us for so long?


    A small expedition was exploring a newly discovered set of ruins in the state of Michoacan de Ocampo. There were no survivors. The Mexican government has done everything possible to suppress all evidence of this encounter but this small film clip has been smuggled out and delivered to me.

    See the proof here exclusively on Odd Conspiracy Central.


  • PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, are famous for protecting the rights of helpless creatures. There is, however, a much more aggressive branch of the organization which you won't find anywhere in their published literature. PETA is wholeheartedly against animal experimentation but I guess sometimes the end justifies the means.

    Why would an organization such as PETA create this abomination?

    Vampire Bat

    Meet Roy Achtlos, a multimillionare who made his money as a cosmetics manufacturer, furrier, and ship builder for the Japanesse whaling fleet.

    I suppose many people would consider this justice and would not want me to bring this incedent into light but all events must eventually be told.


  • The Stewart Mineral Springs Retreat is famous for it's world renowned healing mineral springs.


    The only problem, it's haunted!!! Details are hazy but the ghost has been tentatively identified as Arty "Snake Oil" McScheme, married to the beautiful Prudence McScheme, a favorite niece of Henry Stewart. Arty forced poor Prudence, much to her shame, to sell his patent medicines out of a rickety wagon they called home.


    Prudence made the mistake of accidentally telling Arty about her rich uncle's health spa. Arty, of course, immediately saw an opportunity to fleece Stewart's wealthy customers. Was Prudence's indiscretion truly an accident? Arty disappeared on the night of their arrival at the spa. Due to Arty's extensive criminal record and Henry Stewart's high regard in the community, the local sheriff considered Arty a miscreant that had abandoned his wife and the case was closed. Now I will finally reveal the dark secret you won't hear from the helpful staff or find in the brochures. Arty is still seeking Prudence who he blames for his murder. Arty, not known to be the brightest bulb on the tree, occasionally mistakes innocent women for Prudence. I was able to hide a camera to capture this footage.

    The staff was finally able to pull this poor woman from the mineral spa but not only was she severely traumatized, her hands were very wrinkly for hours after the incident. Stewart Mineral Springs Retreat has compensated her for her pain, suffering, and wrinkles but I am exposing this incident so that all patrons may be forewarned of a possible paranormal encounter.


  • Rumors are percolating about new hideous creatures sited around Devil Swamp in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana. A total of 14 citizens and an unknown amount of tourists have disappeared in the last three months. Tensions escalated further when multiple black Escalades carrying nondescript men in dark suits and dark glasses descended onto the Lafourche Crossing Sheriff Department. A total news blackout is in effect but I was able to sneak out this short film clip.
    Where did these monsters come from? Are they the result of black magic? Are they the result of genetic engineering?
    This just in: At great risk to myself I was able to acquire shredded documents from a trash receptacle behind the Sheriff station. From these, I was able to partially reconstruct a top secret document. Dr. Heinrich Gerrymander, a, now rouge, bio-engineer for a secret bio-weapons development project created these creatures in a hidden lab. Breaking all safety protocols, he used a combination of bio-engineering and voodoo to clone these abominations from cells he collected from Gene Simmons' tongue. Can these demons be destroyed? Only time will tell.