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Newly disclosed, hot off the presses, the most recent conspiracies...


  • "What big eyes you have." "The better to hypnotize you with." A species of subterranean humanoids are in the process of taking over the world.


    These humanoids have been evolving along side of humans but are still unknown to us. How could they stay hidden over thousands of years? Because anyone who comes in contact with them is hypnotized into doing their will. An errant cellphone has finally captured proof of their existence.

    How many of us are their unwilling servants? Your neighbors? Your friends? Our world leaders? How can we possibly know?


  • Who doesn't love a Taco Bell taco? C'mon, we all love a Taco Bell taco.


    However, in an attempt to expand their clientele, using a test market in Pismo Beach California, Taco Bell released their sushi menu.


    Results weren't very favorable.

    In fact, Taco Bell has paid $ millions to suppress the story but here on Odd Conspiracy Central no one can hide.


  • This is an excerpt from a recently suppressed Donald Trump interview:
    Interviewer: Mr. Trump, you have stated that you will hit all of America's enemies hard the instant you take office.
    Donald Trump: Very hard, so hard you wouldn't believe!
    Interviewer: But we have conflicts circling the globe. How would you be able to disperses troops quickly.
    Donald Trump: I would beam them there of course. It will be huge!
    Interviewer: You would what?
    Donald Trump: William Shatner, a close friend of mine, a really great guy, talked to me about beaming.
    Interviewer: Beam them there? But that's impossible. Beaming is not a real thing. It breaks all the laws of quantum physics.
    Donald Trump: Impossible? Think again. I'm the greatest deal maker in the world. I will meet with all members of congress, it will be huge, I guarantee we will repeal these stupid, politically correct, laws of quantum physics.
    This interview is not expected to be released anytime soon but nothing can hide from Odd Conspiracy Central.
  • We all know about the spaceship crash in Roswell New Mexico.
    What we don't know is what happened to the extraterrestrials piloting the ship. Some believe they disguised themselves and live among us even now. Some believe the government has them imprisoned in the deepest sub-basements of Area 51. Finally the truth has been revealed. After weeks of negotiation, interplanetary war was avoid by conceiving a proposal profitable to all parties involved. NASA, the High Counsel of Ganymede, and Vince McMahon nominated the creation of the AWE (Alien Wrestling Entertainment). The AWE is rigorously concealed from human audiences but it's existence has finally been exposed by capturing, with the aid of an unusually strong solar flair, a short film clip of a match in progress. Watch as the sideways, toothy mouthed alien is about to apply the most electrifying move in alien sports entertainment.
    After months of effort, a few sentences have finally been translated:
    First Alien: Finally!!! The Sideways, Toothy Mouthed Alien has come BACK to the Gaspra Asteroid!!!
    Second Alien: NoteI'm just a sexy Spongey Head, Goggly Eyed Alien. Note  I'm not your boy toy Spongey Head, Goggly Eyed Alien. Note
    If you're looking for the AWE to show up at a venue near you, don't hold your breath. For some reason, the governments of the world feel they must hide this sports entertainment from the people of earth but nothing can hide from Odd Conspiracy Central.