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  • In the interest of finding common ground, Kellyanne Conway was finally able to arrange a meeting between President Trump and the Democratic members of the House of Representatives.

    Donald Trump

    All press was excluded but I disguised myself as a cocktail waiter (serving an oaky, buttery, chardonnay to die for) and was able to get the exclusive story for Odd Conspiracy Central. Everything started cordially but the atmosphere turned very chilly when Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi faced off in the middle of the House floor. Like a cat, I moved within range to record part of their conversation on my trusty Samsung Galaxy S6. And I quote:

    Nancy Pelosi: "Oh yeah, well your wife talks funny!"
    Donald Trump: "Oh yeah, well your shoes look stupid!"
    Nancy Pelosi: "Oh yeah, well you're a doo-doo head!"
    Donald Trump: "I know you are but what am I?"

    At this point, decorum went out the window and the Capitol degenerated into chaos:

    Mess with the bull, you get the horns. Of course, this encounter has been denied by, well, everybody. My evidence speaks for itself and if this story is false, why is the Democratic National Committee issuing red capes to all it's members of congress.


  • The Democratic National Committee servers were hacked during the 2016 presidential campaign. This is a fact.


    But by who? Was it the Russians? Was it the Republicans? Was it some guy in his parents basement? None of the above! I now have proof of the actual culprits. I was able to retrieve this short film clip from an AT&T communications satellite:

    After months of tireless study, I was able translate the gestures of these alien creatures. This was a meeting of the intergalactic counsel of moral sentient beings. Watch as they animatedly discuss the discovery that Anthony Weiner has been "sexting" with Betsleblitx, the teenage daughter of the high governor of the Crab Nebula.


    Calmer intellects ruled out a military response. It was agreed that a cyber attack on Anthony and anyone he associated with would be the proper retribution (the Democratic equivalent of "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon"). The effects have been devastating and have left a divided nation.

    Update: It has come to my attention that "Odd Conspiracy Central" has been labeled as a "Fake News" site. An obvious attempt to suppress this article. Apparently the government of the United States does not want it known that the first extraterrestrial communication was a inappropriate Instagram.


  • Ryan Gosling, is famous for his roles as Noah in "The Notebook", the creepy Richard Haywood in "Murder by Numbers", and his newest, Sebastian in "La La Land". He is also known to be quite the musician.

    Ryan Gosling

    But what you don't know is he likes to hop on his bike, incognito, and cruise up the California coastline. Don't believe me? Check out this rare footage of him in an impromptu concert at El Capitan State Beach:

    Sorry to blow your cover Ryan but the truth must be told. Don't let it stop you though. Just get your motor runnin',  head out on the highway. You were born to be wild Ryan.


  • Tim Tebow is one of the good guys. I guy you want to see succeed. He jumped to the rescue of a heart attack victim on his flight from Atlanta to Phoenix. He stepped in to help a fan experiencing a seizure at one of his minor league baseball games. A great guy but he just can't seem to make it to the that elite class of players in either his football or baseball career.

    Tim Tebow

    Here, at Odd Conspiracy Central, I will finally disclose the true reason. Sports is not Tim Tebow's primary career! He practices sports but not to near the extent that he practices for his main job. Tim Tebow is a Knight Templar.

    Knight Templar

    It's true, he is hear to defend mankind during the End of Days. When your choice is between being a great ballplayer or saving the world from eternal damnation, I think Tim has made the right choice.