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  • Rupert Murdoch, head of the Fox Broadcasting Company, has been known to make some enemies.

    Fox Logo

    Nothing shows this more dramatically than this suppressed security footage, which at great difficulty and personal risk, I was able to obtain:

    Who was behind this assassination attempt? Was it Arianna Huffington? Was it Bill Maher? Possibly Jon Stewart? Rush Limbaugh??? Rupert was preparing a liberal witch hunt until he received an untraceable email from the "I Want To Believers" stating "No Lone Gunmen, no peace!". Apparently the "I Want To Believers", a group of fans for the short lived "The Lone Gunmen" television series were not going to take the cancellation sitting down. In secret negotiations, Rupert was able to defuse the situation by guaranteeing a minimum 30% appearance rate of the Gunmen in subsequent X-Files episodes. All evidence of this incident has been suppressed as the Fox Broadcasting Company does not want to admit to negotiating with radical fans. Suppressed until now!


  • Everyone knows of Roswell New Mexico, home of the alleged UFO crash. But what you don't know is that Walker Air Force Base just outside of Roswell is now the home of The Creature from the Black Lagoon. That's right, it wasn't just a movie. The creature is based on fact. The military base appears closed and vacant from the outside but inside who knows how many nefarious government projects are perpetrated right under our noses. Professor Johnny Santos, one of the original explorers who captured the creature, is trying to integrate it into human society. One such exercise was to teach the creature how to bowl.

    Creature Bowl

    This seemed to have a calming effect on the creature until this one fateful night. In the final position night of the summer league, the creature's team, the Primordial Pinbusters, were in a tight contest with the second place team, Sid's Spare Crew, when their leader Sid "accidentally" dropped his beer bottle during the creature's approach in the final tenth frame. The creature ending up throwing a lite shot resulting in a 5 10 split.  Sid's Spare Crew won the third and final game by 8 pins for the league championship. Only bowling? This security footage shows that the creature was not about to let bygones be bygones:

    Poor Nancy, Sid's wife, if she only would have let him in! Professor Johnny Santos was easily able to cover up the creature's involvement as well as existences due to the obvious crush Sheriff Mac has on him. You won't be able to cover it up now Johnny, I'm exposing your hideous experiment to the world.


  • Our phone calls are being traced, our emails are being scanned. In the United States and across the world, like it or not, the NSA (National Security Agency) is tracking our lives.


    How far will the NSA go? Here, exclusively on Odd Conspiracy Central, I am publicizing the contents of a secret report outlining "Project Nemo". The report shows blueprints for embedding micro audio / video recorders and transmitters into goldfish.


    When confronted with questions about "Project Nemo" during a press conference, United States Senator Dianne Feinstein said, and I quote: "There is no direct evidence of fish manipulation within any public reports submitted to the Senate Intelligence Committee and this non-existent project is absolutely legal as recorded conversations are not stored, only the goldfish metadata."


  • You'll only see it here on Odd Conspiracy Central. Shortly after the Juno spacecraft obtained stable orbit around Jupiter, It sent back this short film clip:

    Who are they? What are they, What are they doing? Are they preparing an invasion? NASA immediately informed President Obama who put all armed forces on highest alert (DEFCON 1). Interplanetary war was narrowly avoid when the following audio message was received: "We, the peaceful inhabitants of Ganymede, are alarmed and confused by your aggressive actions. We have taken no hostile action on your space probe even after it interrupted the annual Splizzzdert family barbecue.


    As we were gathering on the patio, Uncle Cribbxotw noticed your arrival while parking his RV. Please cease all hostilities or we will be forced to respond."

    "P.S. In Jupiter culture, It is considered rude to film private family events without requesting prior permission."

    All armed forces were ordered to stand down and the event has been classified "Top Secret". "Top Secret" except for here, your source of the truth.