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  • We all know about the spaceship crash in Roswell New Mexico.
    What we don't know is what happened to the extraterrestrials piloting the ship. Some believe they disguised themselves and live among us even now. Some believe the government has them imprisoned in the deepest sub-basements of Area 51. Finally the truth has been revealed. After weeks of negotiation, interplanetary war was avoid by conceiving a proposal profitable to all parties involved. NASA, the High Counsel of Ganymede, and Vince McMahon nominated the creation of the AWE (Alien Wrestling Entertainment). The AWE is rigorously concealed from human audiences but it's existence has finally been exposed by capturing, with the aid of an unusually strong solar flair, a short film clip of a match in progress. Watch as the sideways, toothy mouthed alien is about to apply the most electrifying move in alien sports entertainment.
    After months of effort, a few sentences have finally been translated:
    First Alien: Finally!!! The Sideways, Toothy Mouthed Alien has come BACK to the Gaspra Asteroid!!!
    Second Alien: NoteI'm just a sexy Spongey Head, Goggly Eyed Alien. Note  I'm not your boy toy Spongey Head, Goggly Eyed Alien. Note
    If you're looking for the AWE to show up at a venue near you, don't hold your breath. For some reason, the governments of the world feel they must hide this sports entertainment from the people of earth but nothing can hide from Odd Conspiracy Central.
  • We all know Mensa International, the international high IQ society. They are famous for their gatherings featuring lectures, discussion groups, investigations, and assistance to researchers.
    What is not commonly known, one week, around spring break, the Mensas gather at their private secluded island (Isle Mensases). For the first time ever, right here on Odd Conspiracy Central, a secret recording reveals their hedonistic activities.
    Not looking all that smart now, are you?
  • Zhaoshu Island, part of the Paracel Islands, is commonly believed to be uninhabited because of the land dispute between China, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

    Vengeful Tree

    The real reason is the vengeful attack of the, now sentient, Zhaoshu Island Ancient Cypress trees. After one campfire too many, the trees attacked with no remorse. The few survivors have been sworn to secrecy but this archival footage was accidentally released. This horrific scene is currently only viewable here: