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  • Madonna has a huge fan base in Japan making for very successful tours. She performs as often as her schedule allows.


    There is an ulterior motive for her frequent visits. Madonna is a HUGE sushi fan!


    This is the Madonna specialized sushi favorite that she doesn't want you to know about, "Kobe Self Serve Sushi". This very expensive (110,000 yen per person) exclusive style is available by appointment only to a fashionable clientele. All patrons are sworn to secrecy and there is no photography allowed. Even with this security in place, I was able to recover this film clip from a partially destroyed microSD card of Madonna and her entourage enjoying a lunch special.

    I'm sorry Madonna, I understand you would rather keep this from your public but the truth must be revealed.

  • It is commonly accepted that the next major space expedition will be to land an astronaut on Mars. As incredible as this achievement would be, I have proof that a group of astronauts have already landed on Titan, one of Saturn's moons.


    Why wasn't this news released to the world? The mission launched from Cape Canaveral, March 17, 1998. This was during Bill Clinton's second term. In fact Bill Clinton himself flew on the mission. The trouble started with Susan Purebread, a young, up and coming intern for NASA. We all know of Bill's obsessive behavior with interns so it comes to no surprise that Susan was the target of Bill's obnoxious advances. After months of sexual harassment, poor Susan could take no more and desperately jumped from the space capsule to escape. Here is a short film clip I was able to smuggle out of a White House secure vault showing the horrible results.

    Bill chased after her but unfortunately Susan, in her haste, had forgotten to put on her space helmet and quickly perished. The space ship immediately returned to Earth and a massive cover-up was put in place. I now, at great personal risk, expose this travesty of justice.


  • Kim Jong-un, leader of North Korea, has done many evil things but none so heinous as declaring that all males must wear his distinctive haircut. What could be worse than wearing this horrible hairdo? I will now unmask for you Sven Svendsen.


    Sven Svendsen, leader of Den Svendsen Brorskap Av Verdensherredomme, based in Andenes Norway, has a hair fetish of his own. All members of his organization must swear undying loyalty to him and the haircut. They are known to monitor locations where they will forcefully recruit unfortunate members of the public. Unbelievable you say? There is no arguing with this security camera footage from Hulen Klubb, a popular Andenes nightclub.

    These desperate nightclub patrons were forced into a remote hair design and reeducation camp. Den Svendsen Brorskap Av Verdensherredomme has been successfully isolated into northern Norway but they are constantly trying to expand their sphere of influence.

    We must all stay vigilant, keep watching the Supercuts!!!


  • The whole world has been waiting for contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence. This was never intended for public disclosure but a robotic probe landed just outside of Kyoto Japan.

    Rocket Robot

    Imagine the excitement in the scientific community. Discussions, at times very heated, were held by the greatest minds around the world as a presentation showing the nature of mankind was being assembled for display to the alien robot. Everything came to a halt when the Kyoto police responded to a silent alarm at a Sony warehouse. The robot was captured attempting to beam hundreds of PS4 consoles and "Call of Duty: Black Ops III" DVDs to the mother ship hiding on the dark side of the moon. The robot is imprisoned in a super-secret high security prison known only to individuals sharing the highest security ratings for their nations. I was able to capture this short film clip by sneaking into the prison when a PSIA (Public Security Intelligence Agency) agent was photographing security measures containing the probe.

    The robot is doing 3 to 7 years for burglary. This relatively light sentence is due to this being the robots first offense on this planet. Secret agencies around the world have tried to suppress this story but nothing gets past Odd Conspiracy Central.