There are very few rules and they're pretty straight forward.

1. No revenge / retaliation
For example: My ex-wife, Jane Doe, is in league with the devil.
"My ex-wife, Jane Doe" is not allowed. ("in league with the devil" is fine).


2. Keep it clean
You don't need to be PC but you do need to be PG.


3. NO HATE !!!
This site is meant to be humorous and fun. If your post is racial or contains the words "rightard" or "leftard", your in the wrong place. There are plenty of other sites for you to post in.


4. No manifestos
Individual post are limited to 4096 (including html markup tags) characters.


5. English
Currently all posts must be in English only.


6. Don't break copyrights
All links, images, videos, etc. that you post must be copyright legal. If you believe any content on Odd Conspiracy Central breaks copyright, please Contact us.


7. Users
It would be nice to let everybody post whatever they want but it's just to spammy out there. Your post content is limited by your user access level. Here are the user access levels and their capabilities:
user accesslinks, images in postiframes, direct html, etc... in post
Junior ConspiratorNoNo
Senior ConspiratorYesYes
Your access level will rise as your posts increase.