Useless Information

Useless Information

All the information that you never needed, but sorta wanted to know.

  • Planck Time

    Planck time is considered the smallest length of time. It is the time it takes light to travel a distance of one Planck length in a vacuum. A Planck length is about 10 to the -20th times the size of a proton. The Planck length is considered the smallest usable measure of length.

    Planck Time

  • Haserot Angel

    The Haserot Angel is located at the Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio

    Haserot Angel

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  • Fremont Troll

    The Fremont Troll is located under the Aurora Bridge in Seattle, Washington.

    Fremont Troll

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  • Monopoly

    San Jose, California is home to the world's largest Monopoly board.


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  • Linonophobia

    Linonophobia is the fear of string.


  • Eisoptrophobia

    Eisoptrophobia is the fear of seeing yourself in a mirror.


  • Diplophobia

    Diplophobia is the fear of double vision.


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  • Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge

    Zhangjiajie, China is home to the Zhangjiajie glass bridge. When it first opened in 2016, it was the longest glass bridge in the world.

    Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge